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“Little Joey Goes to Camp is the heartwarming story of a foster child who teaches other children to be brave, to live life to the fullest, and that God’s love never fails!"


Love For A Child is an active 501c3 non-profit organization serving abused, abandoned, and neglected foster children. Our programs were created to help families in time of need, to provide resources and encouragement and to remind everyone there is always hope in faith. Our mission is to reach the unreached, focus on the overlooked, and share our deepest compassion for families who are hoping someone will step in and offer a little help. Every year, our program offers year-round mentoring, summer camps, and special moments for each child living in foster care. Michigan has a growing crisis for the development of children and youth living in the foster care system. We believe in putting words into actions and making a difference. For everything we do is authentically and wholeheartedly, Love for a Child.

Joe Savalle

JOE SAVALLE Author of “Little Joey Goes to Camp”

From the cozy small town shores of The Great Lakes State of Michigan, Joe Savalle is a children’s author, humanitarian, and founder of the charity, Love for a Child. In Little Joey Goes to Camp, the character, known as “Little Joey”, is derived from a real-life persona that Savalle created to teach children within foster care their value in life in a fun and lighthearted way. The Little Joey character has been teaching children for over a decade the meaning of happiness, joy in laughter, and that God will love us forever. Oh yeah, and he never leaves home without his whoopie cushion! Savalle, founder of Love for a Child Kids Camp, has dedicated his purpose and passion to teaching children who have had tough life situations that kids should be kids and that every child deserves a childhood worth remembering.

“To all the children out there in foster care, remember to live courageously, be brave, be a kid, and know that God’s Love Never Fails.” – Joe Savalle

Nathan Bortz

NATHAN BORTZ Illustrator of “Little Joey Goes to Camp”

Nathan is a graphic designer by day and an illustrator by night; but, most importantly, a husband and father ‘round the clock. Now more than ever, Nathan has a great appreciation for the pure and unencumbered enthusiasm for life that children can share with us, and he is forever grateful that he can revive this wonder in himself just by seeing the world through his son’s eyes everyday.

May we all be curious, free to be brave, seeking knowledge and open to compassion. Through the adversities of life, may we make it a point to reset and live through love.

For let love be at the center of all we do.

-1 Corinthians 16:14 (paraphrased)